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2009 Grimes Family Reunion Electronic Announcement

Who: the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902), family, friends, and guests.

When: as always our reunion is on the 4th Sunday of June:  June-28-2009. 

Where: again this year it will be at the Ruritan building in Everetts, NC. 

Contact: direct questions to co-chairs (& brothers) of this year's reunion and related business:


Don Grimes

210 S. Salem Street, Apex, NC 27502

919-387-7510  home

919-469-5443  office

Thomas L. "Lew" Grimes

950 Tender Drive, Apex, NC 27502

919-249-7020  days and evenings

919-622-7966  voice messages/cell


Please bring:

- Your favorite potluck contributions, a covered dish, etc.

- new addresses of any extended family members, attending or not, and

- any pictures (in individual envelopes with identifying information) of family, past reunions, gatherings at the Spring Green Primitive Baptist Church, or the Church itself to continue the project to scan old pictures for the family digital library.  Thank you Marcus et al for long hours of your time!

- cash/check for expenses (building rental, et al) and donations

11:00   Activities including,

  seeing the "Grimes (tree) connection" at

  with Rufus Grimes's book online

12:00   Dinner - potluck

01:00   Family Reunion Business meeting ••

(The annual meeting of the Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc. will begin between 02:00 and 02:30 in the Ruritan building.  All are welcome!)

•• Roll call, celebrate new and departed members

•• Treasurer's report: for years Bob Grimes had been the permanent treasurer.  Thank you Bob for years and years of volunteer service.

•• For years Gladys Tice was the permanent secretary of the reunion ad hoc committee.  She took, kept and read minutes of the business meetings and she kept a file of the sign-in sheets.  Thank you Gladys for years and years service. 

•• We still need someone to step up to take, keep and read the minute's long term.

•• In recent years I (Lew) have tried to maintain an address list of members of the clan and provide the list at reunions and on the Grimes (family) tree website.

•• Determine a chair for 2010.  The chair of the family reunion ad hoc committee rotates among the participating family branches.

•• Board members, Spring Green Preservation Fund (Fund) will report on the Fund’s highlights, provide the treasurer’s report, and made an appeal for donations. 

NOTICE:  Information regarding the Fund is reported at the reunion because of the high interest and participation of Grimes family members.  The Fund is an independent, chartered non-profit corporation, and donations to the Fund are tax-deductable.  The predecessor organization of the Fund, led by our late Ernie Capps, was a spin-off of our Reunion and its members.

To repeat, the annual meeting of the Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc. will begin between 02:00 and 02:30 in the Ruritan building.  All are welcome!

Also Don and I thank Bob, Gay, and sons and families for substituting for us last year.  I was absolutely determined to be here, but the preceding Saturday night weddings activities and the distance between Asheville and Everetts seemingly got longer and longer.




Lew Grimes