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Other Grimes Lines


Other Grimes Lines is reserved to provide for an online presence to other Grimes lines RELATED or UNRELATED to our  own and/or for collateral lines to our own.


Genealogy, as it relates to other Grimes lines or even to our own Grimes family tree, is not a principal pursuit for me.  I do offer a website as a medium to inform the vastly extended Grimes family members and promote universal family goodwill. 

T. L. Grimes

Also, I am retired, and sometimes I am away from home and my desktop computer for weeks at a time.  While I do travel with a laptop, finding a suitable time and workplace while traveling is challenging and sometimes a detriment to marital tranquility.

I have not yet formalize criteria for a line (tree) to be published, but these are almost certainties:

1.  The "tree" must date back to at least the mid 1800’s and have at least 8 generations;

2.  It must stand on its own and the presentation (format of generations and general content) must be easily understood;

3.  It must be submitted as a Microsoft Word ".doc" file (earlier than the  2007 edition) document in final proof form; (it would be published online only as a SECURED Adobe ".pdf" file with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and later compatibility);

4.  The amount of text will be unlimited, but graphics/pictures will be limited to about six each;

5.  UPDATES would depend solely on the person/group submitting the original by submitting a replacement (the entire document);

6.  It will include the identity (verifiably name, address, and phone number and a special-use e-mail address) of the person that submitted a specific family tree; I will provide the special-use e-mail address; its root would be example:

7.  It will include a disclaimer as to its accuracy;

8.  My purpose is to provide a service, and definitely NOT TO BECOME a blog;  (My intent is that contents be somewhat static.)

9.  Exceptions, submittals with technical problems or concept problems (not meeting above standards) may or may not be published/updated:

10.  I have the right to add or remove any line/tree. (See my opening remarks.)

11.  Users will have understand and tolerate that the website is designed to be viewed with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or recent Safari; (other internet browsers may not show web pages content with suitable formatting.  The "grimes trees" or "Grimes Lines" in Adobe PDF format will be unaffected by users' choice of  browser;) and

12.  A loose end:  how to "name/identify" the various lines.  My current thought is to assign a tree-number beginning with tree001.  Assigning a name beginning with tree101 to more highly developed lines (trees) is also a consideration. Finally,

Linking: Assigning a tree-number, identifying, and proving links to trees already online could be a consideration.

Linking online trees should be a goal for all.

Depending on how this all unfolds, it could evolve into a new, separate website.  I have already reserved the domain


The purpose of is to inform family members and to nurture family ties: sharing information, good times and bad times, among kindred and developing and strengthening ties across generations and across time and distance barriers among family members and branches.  And, to reach out to kindred beyond the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902).

Almost any activity promoted among kindred by this website meets that criterion.

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Thomas L. "Lew" Grimes

Updated September 08, 2009