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Our  FAMILY TREE,  Rufus Grimes's book,

The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972

including online digital versions, 

and the updating of the

Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 &  beyond

(Informational sidebar - The Grimes Coat of Arms above was granted to Thomas Grimes of London in 1575.)

focus points

 About the 1972-printed version, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972

• 1. Dedication passage: Rufus Grimes's

• 2. Identification at Library of Congress

• 3. Notes and original table of contents

 About digital versions, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and beyond

• 4. A Shortcut to Online editions and versions (formats)

• 5. Goals and expectations for an updated "revised edition"

• 6. Planned editions and versions (formats)

• 7. How to submit amendments (corrections, omissions, additions, and text edits) for the online "book," The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and   beyond


• 8. Fifty (50) Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2009 


Rufus Nathan Grimes

author of

The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972


• 1. Dedication passage from Rufus Grimes's book.  On page II of Rufus's book, he states:

"If this book succeeds in arousing in my younger relatives, an interest in their antecedents and an ambition to become their worthy successors, I shall be happy and shall consider my efforts well worthwhile.  And to all my relatives, past, present, and future, this record is happily and lovingly dedicated."

 The book was deliberately not copyrighted


• 2. Book's identification at Library of Congress

Electronic File Information:

     book details (Library of Congress Online Catalog.)

Identified in the Library of Congress Online Catalog as follows:

The Grimes-Llewellyn families, 1635-1972.

Library of Congress Control No.: 74152423 

Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)

Personal Name: Grimes, Rufus Nathan, 1897- 

Main Title: The Grimes-Llewellyn families, 1635-1972.

Published/Created: [Raleigh, N.C., Edwards & Broughton Co., 1972]

Description: vii, 61 p. illus. 24 cm.

Subjects: Grimes family.

  Llewellyn family.

LC Classification: CS71.G862 1972

Dewey Class No.: 929/.2/0973 Geographic Area Code: n-us---

CALL NUMBER: CS71.G862 1972


• 3. Notes and the book's table of contents 

In his published work The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972, Rufus Grimes did not verify a direct link between that Thomas Grimes of London and John Grimes I who came to the Jamestown Colony in 1635; while no record directly links them, facts do imply a father-son relationship.  Rufus Grimes did establish a direct link between John Grimes I of the Jamestown Colony and Thomas Grimes I (1738-1797) who came to Edgecombe County, North Carolina about 1768 and married Chloe Llewellyn of Tyrrell County, North Carolina about that same year.

"" represents “a parent-child relationship.”

John Grimes I of the Jamestown Colony Robert Grimes I (died 1693)

  James Grimes I (~1680-1750)  Thomas Grimes I (1738-1797)

Thomas Grimes II (1774-1836) William Grimes II (1813-1902) of Martin County, NC.





p 1



p 1



p 2



p 2 - 4



p 7,  9, 10, 11



p 11 - 12



p 12


LUCINDA GRIMES & descendants

p 12 - 13



p 13 - 30



p 30 - 35



p 35 - 43


SARAH (SADIE) GRIMES & descendants

p 43 - 53



p 54



• 4. Online digital editions and formats (versions/options)

Three digital formats of "THE GRIMES-LLEWELLYN FAMILIES 1635-1972" by Rufus Grimes  (published with blue cloth cover in 1972) are available here: now 65 pages.  They have not been proofed word for word.


With your assistance planned versions (options) of a Revised Edition will be available.  My vision for Rufus's book, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and  beyond  are described at planned editions and versions.



Currently available versions (options) of the Matched Edition are here.



(web) Option 1: The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 as a single 406 KB web page: fast plus hypertext, best for previewing, but not suitable for printing.  File "TreeMat.htm"



(PDF) Option 2: The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 as a single, 447KB, PDF file; a virtual book format with 65 pages (most pages "match" the original page content);  best for printing and binding: all text is black, no underlining.  File "TreeMat.pdf"



(PDF) Option 3: Option 2 plus hypertext and eventually bookmarks on the left:  best for most occasions, but not for printing and binding:  hypertext is in blue, usually underlined. File "TreeMatHyp.pdf"  Re: bookmarks, if you don't find then, you are looking at a very recent update; they will be added.



(PDF) Plates: The 4 "TreeMat" color plates: front and back cover, and both the Grimes and the Llewellyn Coat of Arms



About the enhanced "My Personal Family Lineage"

The “My Personal Family Lineage” on unnumbered pages 62-68 of the original 1972 edition is now available in a separate file online. 

(Word 2003) The form is found at

Since each descendant should have their own "My Personal Family Lineage," it is offered as a MS Word 2003 document.  You can print it and make handwritten entries, or as an option, make keyboard entries.  The form is protected from inadvertent layout changes, but it is not password protected: so you can change it.  However, only the layout online, unchanged, can be used as an alternative method to submit amendments to the online family tree.

If you do not have Word on your computer, the file is compatible with "OpenOffice writer" which is free online at




Most of the same content here is at three locations:

• the Sitemap,

• Shortcut to Online Editions and Formats, and

• Topic 5, Our Family Tree, Rufus Grimes's book, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and  beyond  ... and the updating...




  technical sidebar:    help for computer newcomers




• 5. Goals and expectations for an updated "revised edition"



The fruition of a Revised Edition, with the changes since the 1972 book was published, will depend entirely upon response.




• 6. Planned editions and versions/formats

The plan is for two editions of Rufus Grimes's The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and  beyond:  a Matched (static) edition and a Revised (fluid) edition.  A full description and explanation of planned editions and versions/formats is at:

Planned editions and versions/formats


•  Logic of "Matched" and "Revised" editions:  content differences

All properly submitted CORRECTIONS will be included in  both  

the Matched and Revised editions.

All properly submitted OMISSIONS, ADDITIONS, and TEXT EDITS will be included in all Revised editions, but  not   the Matched edition.

 ● Details on "hard copy" (pdf documents) and "web page" for both "Matched" and "Revised" editions

Ultimately the "web page" layout for individuals from past generations it might look nearly like:

Thomas Grimes (1738-1797) and Chloe Llewellyn (1740-1794) at

In due course the "web page" for individuals in living generations might include elements like:

Thomas Lew Grimes of the Class of 1959, Cary High School found at

(Suitable content in the "web page" format and the tools to communicate it  is augmented in general topic 3 - "A cool tool,, beyond chatting with kindred: My Space Grimes Family Style.")



• 7. Submitting amendments (corrections, omissions, additions, and text edits)

"amendments" – information changes for individual descendants including corrections, omissions, additions, and text rewrites


How to submit amendments to the family tree and Rufus's book,

The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and  beyond


Every amendment submittal must have a submitter and a backup; the backup is another person who has knowledge and preferably a different address


Corrections, omissions, additions, and text edits are defined

How to submit changes (corrections, omissions, additions, text edits

● After your initial reading of "how to submit amendments," you may want reach "how to.." from the sitemap Full Topical Listing rather than return here or elsewhere.


How to Submit amendments       (overview and all inclusive)

How to Submit corrections

How to Submit omissions

How to Submit additions

How to Submit text edits     (rewrites)



An alternative way, not listed above, to Submit amendments is to use:


"My Personal Family Lineage" form and follow the instructions on unnumbered page 6.

The form is found at




• 8. 50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2009  by Kory L. Meyerink at the ranks each website's coverage, content, and cost, if any.


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