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Our Annual Grimes  Family Reunion

of the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902)

and related business

 NOTICE   Our next gathering is June 24, 2012

2012 mail announcement (PDF)

2012 digital announcement (web page)

2011 mailed announcement (PDF)

2011 digital announcement (web page)

2010 mailed announcement (PDF)

2010 digital announcement (web page)

2009 mailed announcement (PDF)

2009 digital announcement (web page)

2007 mailed announcement (PDF)

2007 photos of the event   may be slow to download

General Information

Our reunion is held on the 4th Sunday of June.  Since the 1970's the reunion has routinely been Ruritan building at 205 Ayers Street, Everetts, NC. 


Please bring:

● a covered dish, ice tea, deserts, and family news to share.

● current addresses of any family members, attending or not.

● new family photos, albums, and family archives to share


10:00  Activities and setup

12:00   Dinner - potluck

01:00   Family Reunion Business meeting


At most recent reunions, a few of the directors of Spring Green Preservation Fund  have informally reported the Fund’s highlights of the past year, provided the treasurer’s report, and made an appeal for donations. The Fund has informally reported at the Reunion because of the Reunion's sustaining donations to the Fund and the high interest and participation of family members in Fund activities. 


The chair of the family reunion ad hoc committee rotates among the participating family branches.


Don Grimes of the Stephen Llewellyn Grimes branch is the 2012 chairperson assisted by Lew Grimes.

Ed Cantey of the William T. Grimes branch was the 2011 chairman.

Brothers Lew Grimes and Don Grimes of the Stephen Llewellyn Grimes branch were co-chairs in 2009 and 2010.

With little lead time Bob Grimes, his loving wife Gay, and sons Branton and Marcus and families substituted for Lew Grimes and Don Grimes in 2008: a niece's wedding in Asheville took priority.

The co-chairs of the of the 2007 reunion were brothers Branton Grimes and Marcus Grimes of the William T. Grimes branch.

The chairperson of the 2006 was Beth Grimes of the James Turner Grimes branch.

The co-chairmen of the 2005 were Don Grimes and Lew Grimes of the Stephen Llewellyn Grimes branch.

Thomas R. “Bob” Grimes is the permanent treasurer of the family reunion ad hoc committee.  He maintains the committee’s checking account and presents a statement of the account at the business meeting. 

 Thank you Bob for many years of volunteer service.

For years Gladys Tice was the permanent secretary of the family reunion ad hoc committee.  She took and read minutes of the business meetings and she kept a file of the sign-in sheets.  To date no one has stepped forward to replace her.  And, to my knowledge, no one is took minutes during the last few reunions.   Thank you Gladys for years of volunteer service.

Reunion archives - most from Gladys Tice's files

    All archives are PDF (Adobe) files

1992 attendees 

1992 minutes

1992 notice

1993 attendees

1993 minutes

1993 notice

1994 minutes

1994 notice

1995 attendees

1995 minutes

1995 notice

1996 attendees

1996 minutes

1996 notice

1997 minutes

1997 notice

1997 notice special

1998 minutes

1999 minutes

2000 notice

2001 notice

2004 accounts

2005 accounts

             (all reunion archives above from Gladys Tice's files)

2005 mailing list

2005 notice


The purpose of is to inform family members and to nurture family ties: sharing information, good times and bad times, among kindred and developing and strengthening ties across generations and across time and distance barriers among family members and branches.  And, to reach out to kindred beyond the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902).

Almost any activity promoted among kindred by the site meets that criterion.

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