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Please excuse the digression, but I have discovered that many, if not most of those, whom I had hoped to reach, using this website, have little or no experience using computers, the internet, and the world wide web.

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topic 1, who we are ...

Who are the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902),

 topic 2, news and announcements

News and announcements

topic 3, annual reunion

About the Annual Grimes Family Reunion, of the descendants of

       William Grimes II (1813-1902) and related business

tentative 2012 mail announcement (PDF)

2012 digital announcement (web page)

2011 mailed announcement (PDF)

2011 digital announcement (web page)

2010 mailed announcement (PDF)

2010 digital announcement (web page)

2009 mailed announcement (PDF)

2009 digital announcement (web page)

2007 mailed announcement (PDF)

2007 photos of the event 

Reunion archives are all PDF (Adobe) files: most from Gladys Tice's files.

PDF  1992 attendees 

PDF  1992 minutes

PDF  1992 notice

PDF  1993 attendees

PDF  1993 minutes

PDF  1993 notice

PDF  1994 minutes

PDF  1994 notice

PDF  1995 attendees

PDF  1995 minutes

PDF  1995 notice

PDF  1996 attendees

PDF  1996 minutes

PDF  1996 notice

PDF  1997 minutes

PDF  1997 notice

PDF  1997 notice special

PDF  1998 minutes

PDF  1999 minutes

PDF  2000 notice

PDF  2001 notice

PDF  2004 accounts

PDF  2005 accounts

             (all archives above from Gladys Tice's files)

PDF  2005 mailing list

PDF  2005 notice



topic 4, Grimes family directory & updating

About the Grimes Family Directory of the Living Descendants of

      William Grimes II (1813-1902) and Spouses.

Family Directory  (167 KB, preview file, unsuitable for printing)

PDF  Family Directory  (321 KB, suitable to save and/or print)  

Directory Update Form (preview web page, unsuitable for printing)

PDF  Directory Update Form (suitable to save and/or print)


topic 5, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and beyond

Plans and specifics about Rufus Grimes's book,

 The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and hopefully  beyond

 including online digital versions, and

 the update of the genealogy of

 the Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-present


Rufus Grimes's book, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 is here!


Currently only versions (options) of the matched edition are available:


(web) Option 1: The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 as a single 406 KB web page: fast plus hypertext, best for previewing, but not suitable for printing.  File "TreeMat.htm"



(PDF) Option 2: The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 as a single, 447KB, PDF file; a virtual book format with 65 pages (most pages "match" the original page content);  best for printing and binding: all text is black, no underlining.  File "TreeMat.pdf"



(PDF) Option 3: Option 2 plus hypertext and time permitting bookmarks on the left:  best for most occasions, but not for printing and binding:  hypertext is in blue, usually underlined. File "TreeMatHyp.pdf"  Re: bookmarks, if you don't find then, you are looking at a very recent update; they will be added.



(PDF) Plates: The 4 "TreeMat" color plates: front and back cover, and both the Grimes and the Llewellyn Coat of Arms



(Word 2003) The “My Personal Family Lineage” on unnumbered pages 62-68 of the original 1972 edition is now available as a protected Microsoft Word 2003 document and found at

Details about "How to submit amendments" (information changes for individual descendants including corrections and omissions, additions, and text edits):

Submitting amendments   (overview and all inclusive)

Submitting corrections

Submitting omissions

Submitting additions

Submitting text edits        (rewrites)



topic 6, Other Grimes Lines

Other Grimes Lines is reserved to provide for an online presence to and for other Grimes lines RELATED or UNRELATED to our own and/or collateral lines to our own.

     Other Grimes Lines

PDF  Other Grimes Lines

topic 7, a cool tool, my space Grimes style:

potential features of "the Grimes tree net" modeled., a cool tool that can do more "chat" with  kindred:

it's  My Space Grimes Family Style

topic 8, website specifics

Website specifics, mission, history, goals, plans, etc.

   Website specifics, mission, history, goals, plans, etc.

PDF  Website specifics, mission, history, goals, plans, etc.

topic 9, Help for Internet and computer newcomers


 HELP topic   quick help for Internet and computer newcomers

 HELP topic   a quick review about (web) browsers

 HELP topic   about viewing help and technical viewing tips

 HELP topic   Terms help for Internet newcomers and computer newcomers

(web page)  terms for Internet and computer newcomers

(PDF)           terms for Internet and computer newcomers

 HELP topic  PDF files, download a PDF file reader & more tech stuff

(web page)   about  PDF files

(web page)  download a PDF Reader & more tech stuff

(PDF)           download a PDF Reader & more tech stuff 


denotes the most current version of topics in two formats

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