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Welcome to


the Grimes (family) tree connection






the Annual Grimes Family Reunion and directory of

the living descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902)

of Martin County, North Carolina

and our Grimes family tree, a published

genealogy of the Grimes-Llewellyn Families, 1635-1972



The purpose of is to inform family members and to nurture family ties: sharing information, good times and bad times, among kindred and developing and strengthening ties across generations and across time and distance barriers among family members and branches.  And, to reach out to kindred beyond the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902).

Almost any activity promoted among kindred by this website meets that criterion.



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General Topics

   Topic 1

Who are the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902)

   Topic 2 

News and announcements for and about the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902)


   Topic 3  


The Annual Grimes Family Reunion and related business, of the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902)

   Topic 4 

Our Grimes family directory of living descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902) and their Spouses:

Family directory

Family directory (pdf)

   Topic 5 

Our Grimes Family Tree, principally regarding Rufus Grimes's book,

The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972 and the updating process for a Revised Edition.

Planned editions and versions are described.

 Currently available digital versions of the 1972 book  are here.

   Topic 6 

Grimes lines is a reserved section and/or website to provide for an online presence to and for other Grimes lines RELATED or UNRELATED to our own and/or collateral lines to our own.

   Topic 7 is a cool tool.  It's my space Grimes family style, itís beyond chatting with kindred.

   Topic 8

The website's  specifics, mission, history, plans, and considerations.

Current mirror websites for are:  and

 these and the sites below may be accessed with or without "www"



The Grimes (Family) Reunion is designated as a PARTNER by the Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc.  The Fund is an independent, chartered non-profit corporation, and donations to the Fund are tax-deductable.  The direct predecessor organization of the Fund, the Spring Green Renovation Project the led by our late Earnest Capps, was a spin-off of our Reunion and its members.  The current Fund website and mirror site are:   and



The Grimes Coat of Arms at the top of the page was granted to Thomas Grimes of London in 1575.



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Updated November 05, 2011